Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Tips for New Homeschoolers

Every day this month I'll be posting a helpful tip for new homeschoolers. The posts will all be collected right here as I work my way through the month, so it will be easy to find a post if you want to read it again later. I hope new (and prospective!) homeschoolers find this information helpful.

  • Day One: Research Homeschool Laws
  • Day Two: Research Curriculum
  • Day Three: Planning the School Year
  • Day Four: How Much Time Per Subject?
  • Day Five: Planning Your School Day
  • Day Six: How to Save Money on Books and Supplies
  • Day Seven: Make Use of Your Local Library
  • Day Eight: Organizing the Homeschool Day
  • Day Nine: Weekly Planning for Homeschoolers
  • Day Ten: Spelling Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Eleven: Grammar Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Twelve: Math Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Thirteen: History Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Fourteen: Science Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Fifteen: Artist Study Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Sixteen: Alphabet & Phonics Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Seventeen: Music Study for Homeschoolers
  • Day Eighteen: Foreign Language Resources for Homeschoolers
  • Day Nineteen: Recommended Reading Lists
  • Day Twenty: Organizing Paperwork
  • Day Twenty-One: Keeping Grades and Records
  • Day Twenty-Two: Work with Your Child's Learning Style
  • Day Twenty-Three: Benefits of Copywork
  • Day Twenty-Four: Take a Break When You Need One
  • Day Twenty-Five: Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers
  • Day Twenty-Six: Homeschool Co-Ops
  • Day Twenty-Seven: Explaining Homeschooling to Family and Friends
  • Day Twenty-Eight: The Socialization Question
  • Day Twenty-Nine: The World is Your Classroom
  • Day Thirty: Favorite Homeschooling Blogs
  • Day Thirty-One: You Can Do It!
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  1. We have dived right in to our first year of homeschooling. So excited to find this topic!!!

    1. Awesome! Nice to "meet" you -- I hope you find it useful!

  2. I'm excited about this! We just started 1st grade, so even though I did Kindergarten with my son, I still consider myself "new" to homeschooling.

    1. Hi Jenna! Thank you! I felt "new" for at least the first two years or so. Sometimes, I still feel like everything is new. :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm looking forward to this topic. My oldest is in kindergarten, and even though I was home-schooled for most of my education I still find myself nervous.

    1. Hi RebekahDawn -- thank you so much for stopping by! I hope the posts are useful. I think it's completely normal to be nervous about homeschooling. It is a big deal! I always love hearing from adults who were homeschooled themselves (I was a public school kid, so homeschooling my own kids is my first experience with homeschooling.)